Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Goodwill Treasures

Sorry it's been a little while. I've got a really good excuse, I promise!

Here she is:
Too cute, right?
I know. I made her. ;)

Anyway I want to show you some of my Goodwill finds and what I did to some of them.

Isn't it beautiful? It says something about being made in Italy on the bottom.
Love it!

About 2 yards of beautiful tan fabric, a beaten up little globe,
and a little mousey critter.

Also, I thought that our Goodwill's here didn't carry any patterns, but I
found them in a little basket. I got some good stuff!
Oh, and did I mention that it was 1/2 off day, on the WHOLE store!
I got all this plus 2 super cute skirts, and an extention cord that was much needed for about $17!
I ran home and told my husband right away.

I also stopped at home depot to get some white spray paint for the little mousey,
and I thought I'd get some painter's pyramids that I'd been hearing about.
Guess what the paint guy said when I asked where they were?
"So you're the one that buys them?"
Uh.....Yeah, and tons of awesome crafter/decorators I read about!

So, here's the end result of the mousey and the globe after some white paint and twine got involved:

I didn't do anything to the bowl. It's perfect as is. I just wanted to use it to display my new decor ball!

So little mousey is for Baby Girl's room when that's finally all set up. I love the white so much better than the gold. Husband said he might've liked the gold better and I said "You won't think so when her room is done." I haven't decided yet where I want my bowl and ball. But I've been thinking about making one of these:

and using them to decorate it.
It's a sofa table that goes behind your couch.
Thrifty Decor Chick shows how to make one for under $20 HERE.
I just need a new battery for my drill first. Maybe for my birthday ;)

My next project that I'm working on is this baby:
Another Goodwill find ($5), from a long time ago. She's almost done. I'll show you soon!

Anyone else scoring at Goodwill lately?

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  1. I've never heard of painters pyramids. However, I do know there is a nifty attachment you can put on spray paint cans to spray (reduces trigger finger) I dunno about you but I've spray painted a wee bit too much before and had arm cramps for two days (making me utterly useless) ha ha Cute twine ball!

  2. You're daughter is precious! I love the mousy critter, especially after painting. And wow, thanks for the link to making that small sofa table. I'm going to use this in our place that we are moving to in May. It's got a small (TINY) living room and I've always wanted a sofa table. This would be PERFECT! Awesome finds. I'm a new follower, I can't wait to see what you do with the bookcase!


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