Sunday, February 28, 2010

Crystal Clear Monday

I know, it's been a while. Eeek! But I've got things ready to post, so hopefully it'll be a good, productive week this week. I'm back and inspired, and ready to get it done!

But I wanted to start something new. A weekly posting, for Monday's specifically, called Crystal Clear. A look into the chaos of my thoughts and mind. And hopefully it'll be an entertaining or interesting little blip for you to read, and also help me sort out and organize my brain. Since it feels like it's gone to mushhh................where was I? Oh yeah, brain gone to mush, since getting pregnant last year. ;)

So something that's been on my mind today is acts of service. I had an interesting experience at church today. We have a class that is made up of almost all the women (called Relief Society, if you're not familiar), and we were talking about serving others. Which I think is a good principle to live by no matter your beliefs, right?

Well, our teacher had everyone write down on a piece of paper an act of service that someone could do for them (the person writing it. I hope that makes sense). No one wrote their names down. She took them all and read them out loud. It totally pierced my heart to hear some of them. Such as:
"Ask me how I am, and really listen."
"Babysit for an hour or two so I can take a break."
"Talk to me, I need a friend."
"Help me with my daughter's wedding."
"Pull my weeds."
"Babysit so I can get caught up."
And so many more.

Strangely enough the ones that were repeated the most were the about pulling weeds, babysitting, and chatting or listening to someone.

It actually made me really sad to know that these women that I meet with at least once a week may be so lonely, or in need of help, and that I could be doing more to be a better friend. And what really hit me is how often I can spend hours and hours on my laptop looking at blogs, and checking facebook, or reading this and that, then I realize I've wasted so much time doing nothing really. All that time that may or may not have been wasted, I could've been helping a friend and lighten their burden.

So, in lieu (cool word) of that I want to share this awesome video of an incredible high school basketball team, and their friendship, kindness, and service to a young boy.

And happened in New York of all places!

Have a wonderful day!


  1. That's up near my old stomping grounds! That story brought a tear to my eye. Thanks for that :)

  2. Crystal, I am a first-time visitor to your blog. I saw your link through Hope Studios and decided to click-through.

    That basketball video was amazing. I couldn't believe it and it was simply unbelievable to see that kid make all of those shots and the crowd go bananas.


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