Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tuesday Tip


This one comes from my Sister-in-law, who is an incredible cook...more like chef.

Wanna know how to get that potent smell off your hands when chopping onion or garlic?
Wash your hands with stainless steel! Sounds wierd, I know. My husband who is very fond of cooking with garlic tried it, and it worked for him. He was so pleased because usually the smell lasts for days.
Also, I made a casserole with a little too much onion the other night and just couldn't take the strong smell coming out of my mouth. I couldn't even stand to breath my own air. Sounds bad. It really was. So, I took one of our spoons and rinsed my mouth out while rubbing it on my tongue and it really helped!


  1. No that is an interesting thought! I would never have thought to use a spoon to help with the breath stench. Though how do you "wash" your hands with stainless steel?

  2. I've always just let the water run off the stainless steel knife onto my hands... if that makes sense but I heard the other day (at a pampered chef party) that you can use lemon juice as well. Especially if it's in your mouth, just take a little lemon juice. :D


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