Monday, March 29, 2010

Crystal Clear Monday

I need your feedback!
I rescued this beautiful frame from the dumpster. It wasn't IN it, just beside the dumpster (thank heavens), but I'm so excited about it!

So, what I've been wondering is, what to do with it now? Here's where I need your input:

Should I:
  • Spray paint it white then add a brown glaze to accentuate detail. (This is the fun, classic look I'm seeing everywhere and I love it!)
  • Paint it black, then distress it. (This would match more of my furniture which mostly black.)
  • Paint it white then add a black-ish glaze, then distress it. (I admit that I'm a little afraid to use a black-ish glaze, but I'm willing to try.)
What do you guys think? I love any other ideas too.

And I'm thinking that I'll put in a mirror and kick out the paris painting. It's beautiful, I know, but doesn't really go with my decor. Maybe for another room sometime.

So, let's hear it. What should I do??

Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Little Refashion

This is the original shirt I bought last year, just after I got pregnant. Even though it's not a maternity shirt.

 *Apparently my 'startup disk' is full and it won't let me use Photoshop. What a sad day! So, I couldn't fix any of my photos, so forgive the bad coloring and imperfections.*

I wasn't such a fan of the turtleneck after a while...or the length. So, I cut a round-square neck out, and took about a foot off the bottom.

Then I pleated a long strip and attached it to the neckline. I forgot to take a close-up of it. But you can see a detailed one HERE that Disney used on her lampshade.

The neck ended up bigger than I planned, so I took it in, in the corners.

Still looks kinda maternity, so I think I'll take it in on the sides 'cause I love the front detail. But it's really comfortable! I'm pleased with it for now.

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tuesday Tip


This one comes from my Sister-in-law, who is an incredible cook...more like chef.

Wanna know how to get that potent smell off your hands when chopping onion or garlic?
Wash your hands with stainless steel! Sounds wierd, I know. My husband who is very fond of cooking with garlic tried it, and it worked for him. He was so pleased because usually the smell lasts for days.
Also, I made a casserole with a little too much onion the other night and just couldn't take the strong smell coming out of my mouth. I couldn't even stand to breath my own air. Sounds bad. It really was. So, I took one of our spoons and rinsed my mouth out while rubbing it on my tongue and it really helped!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Crystal Clear Monday

Short and sweet today.

This is what's been on my mind a lot lately: I am so blessed!

I found the man of my dreams, and was able to marry him. A man that loves me unconditionally; that cares for, provides, and protects me and our little family.
We have a comfortable home. And even though sometimes we wish we could buy a house like a lot of our friends have, living in our apartment has made our lives better and easier. We live within a 50 ft (ish) distance of 3 other little families that are our very close friends. We spend time together, exercise together, help eachother, and support eachother. It's wonderful!

I am blessed with the most wonderful baby girl. She is perfect! She eats well, sleeps well. She is always smiling, and is very content to play by herself.
I've heard that those with the strongest character are the ones that are tried the most in life, and I think maybe I'm not counted among those because my life is so great and seems so easy to me. Maybe it's just perspective, I don't know.

Of course I have an incredible family, and In-law family as well! Which is something everyone hopes for, and I got it! :)

And YOU. I'm grateful for you! Anyone who is reading this little blog, or has read this blog. I appreciate your support in my little attempt at having something that I can to to remain ME in this new transition of life. Mamahood ;)  In this new crafty world I need all the support I can get because it sure gets hard to find any motivation to just get it done. I like crafting, but you know that little voice of doubt, that doesn't know if it will turn out great, or if it's just gonna clutter your house (aka: apt) and you'll have to toss it. Anyway, I'm making headway, and I'm getting there, but still thanks for your help.

I could go on and on, but I"ll stop here. I love my life!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

New - Tuesday Tip

I love getting some good tips. I get them from random places like websites, friends, teachers, friends of friends. So, why not share them with all of you? So from now on I will post a new tip every Tuesday. It could be anything from makeup tips, fashion tips, driving tips, cooking tips...anything good I find. To start it off right I'll post a few tips today. Enjoy!

Mom/Cooking Tip
Automatically when I think of eating ice cream cones as a kid (or adult), sticky, ice cream-covered fingers come to mind. How to prevent it:
Stuff a miniature marshmallow in the bottom of a sugar cone to
prevent ice cream drips. (courtesy of:  You just know a Mom thought of that. ;)

 Fashion Tip
Horizontal Stripes. I think this one is pretty common knowlege, but in case someone hasn't heard yet here it is. Horizontal stripes make you look wider than you really are. So, unless you're not worried about your width (lucky you ;), try vertical stripes which make you look thinner. Love that! And use vertical stripped pants to look like you have longer legs. (courtesy of: Style tips 101)

Driving/Car Tip
And last but not least, a drving tip. When you're driving up a hill and need to stop at the top, or even just slow down, start braking about mid-hill (depending on the size of the hill), and let gravity help slow you down. This helps save gas, and your brakes too! (courtesy of: my high school driving instructor and my uncle that's a mechanic)

Hopefully at least one of those tips weren't total common knowledge.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Crystal Clear Monday

4 in 4? 3 in 6? 6 in 10? How fast did you have your kids, and did you like the way you did it? I'm in need of some feedback!

This subject has been on my mind a lot lately.

I've heard of doing 4 kids in 4 years, and always thought that was insane! BUT I know that I want a lot of kids. Not like 10, more like 6. Of course we'll take it one child at a time (hopefully no twins, I don't know if I could handle that), but we're thinking about 6 for now.
I used to think that waiting 2 years was perfect, but for some berserk reason I keep thinking I might need another baby now. You know, to give little angel (up there in the picture) a friend? Then again, having one newborn and one toddler...hmmm, I don't know. How about pros and cons? Cons first, let's get those out the door.

Cons: Pregnant again. Morning sickness most likely, while tending the little pumpkin. Pregnant again (I list it twice for emphasis of discomfort). Possiblity of being pregnant during Arizona summer can you say "hot, hot, hot". Crawling/walking baby girl while pregnant, nursing, or and giving birth. Disgruntled Mama (side-effect of pregnancy). Two babies in diapers.

Pros: Two lovely babies. Little pumpkin has someone to play with. They will play together and keep eachother busy so I don't have to entertain, and can get stuff done! Better chance that I won't be having babies into my mid-thirties, and getting all that birthing done and out of the way quick. Kids will be close together, very important to me, since I'm 9 years apart from from my next sibling, and I'm the youngest.

I hear both ways are good. Kids a little farther apart, and closer together.
Hmm...I still don't know. What do you think? What did you do? Pros and cons?

*Disclaimer: This is assuming that we can get pregnant again fairly easily. The last time (also the first time) took about 6 months.*

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Goodwill Treasures

Sorry it's been a little while. I've got a really good excuse, I promise!

Here she is:
Too cute, right?
I know. I made her. ;)

Anyway I want to show you some of my Goodwill finds and what I did to some of them.

Isn't it beautiful? It says something about being made in Italy on the bottom.
Love it!

About 2 yards of beautiful tan fabric, a beaten up little globe,
and a little mousey critter.

Also, I thought that our Goodwill's here didn't carry any patterns, but I
found them in a little basket. I got some good stuff!
Oh, and did I mention that it was 1/2 off day, on the WHOLE store!
I got all this plus 2 super cute skirts, and an extention cord that was much needed for about $17!
I ran home and told my husband right away.

I also stopped at home depot to get some white spray paint for the little mousey,
and I thought I'd get some painter's pyramids that I'd been hearing about.
Guess what the paint guy said when I asked where they were?
"So you're the one that buys them?"
Uh.....Yeah, and tons of awesome crafter/decorators I read about!

So, here's the end result of the mousey and the globe after some white paint and twine got involved:

I didn't do anything to the bowl. It's perfect as is. I just wanted to use it to display my new decor ball!

So little mousey is for Baby Girl's room when that's finally all set up. I love the white so much better than the gold. Husband said he might've liked the gold better and I said "You won't think so when her room is done." I haven't decided yet where I want my bowl and ball. But I've been thinking about making one of these:

and using them to decorate it.
It's a sofa table that goes behind your couch.
Thrifty Decor Chick shows how to make one for under $20 HERE.
I just need a new battery for my drill first. Maybe for my birthday ;)

My next project that I'm working on is this baby:
Another Goodwill find ($5), from a long time ago. She's almost done. I'll show you soon!

Anyone else scoring at Goodwill lately?

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