Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Birthday Wishes

Since the husband just recently celebrated his birthday last month, for some reason it got me thinking about mine, which is still two months away. Which is weird 'cause usually I don't really care. Every year I just pray for the same thing on my birthday: a good day. And I pretty much always get it! It's wonderful!
But I guess this year I just wanted to fantasize about a somewhat realistic 'good day/birthday' possibilities, that include a little bit more. Maybe I'm getting spoiled or something...nahh!

First I wanna start out with this lovely breakfast


from here

Then I wanna get one of these with some girlfriends

and one of these


Then I wanna go here for lunch


And how about shopping here for a little while. 
I love shopping for a bargin!

Then here for hours! 
I know, can you believe it? On my birthday, haha!

After all that I think dinner here would be nice

But most of all I really, really want dessert from here!
If you've never heard of it, it's kind of like Red Mango, only I think it's way better!
The thing is that my husband prefers a different place, so I almost never get to go to Ocean Blue anymore, and I really crave it, so that would be my birthday miracle ;)
(And even better would be if it was NOT chocolate ice cream. 
I'm one of those wierdos that doesn't really like chocolate much.)

Then it'd be so fun to have our friends come over to chat and play games! 
Maybe even watch a movie (any suggestions?)

Then if we're really feeling young and daring, like the old days, do a 
late night run here for Carne Asada tacos


As you can probably tell, I really like food. Yum! Plus, eating out means not having to cook, hehe.
And if it was possible for all of this to come together, I think the only thing that could make it better was if we had a really good rainstorm! (this del taco picture made me think of it)
So, there it is. My perfect (somewhat reasonable) birthday-day. ;)
As it turns out my birthday is on the same Friday that a friend of ours is getting married, but no worries! I'll just take Saturday, then Ben will be home to watch Rowan while I get my toesies done. Did I plan that well or what? Jk ;)

What are your perfect birthday plans?

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