Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A New Room for my Niece

I'm home again! Arizona feels so good to come home to, espeically after being in cold Utah. But I had a really good time seeing my family and friends. Also, I had my first time being a bridesmaid, at my friend Jessica's wedding.

Isn't she such a beautiful bride? Her wedding turned out so beautiful, and she did it all herself. Good job Jess!

So, my niece just moved into my parents house and she's getting my old room. While I was there we made a few alterations to try and make it her own. I wish I could've done more, but you know how on trips or vacations even though you have lots of time, you really have no time 'cause you plan so much to do? Yeah, it was like that. Here's what we did get done:

First she got a new comforter for her bed.

(from Ikea)
Isn't it awesome! If I were a teenage girl again I would want the exact same one. So we used the colors in the bed to work off of to finish off the room. We also got some cheap throw pillows from Ikea that matched.

Then we each took a pillow and some embroidery floss and we stitched on some easy abstract designs to match the bed (using matching colors of floss).

After that we had a little spray painting party and did over a little table, lots of frames, and a lamp.

This table was green, gray and butter yellow. We got it for $8 at D.I. (it's like Goodwill).
Do you ever get a piece of furniture and just wonder "What were they thinking?"
Gray, green, and yellow? Yuck. The picture doesn't even do it justice, it was pretty bad.
We got some liquid sander to take off the paint, but turned out to be acrylic paint. The liquid sander didn't work so well with that so we just buffed it up using sand paper and then spray painted.

So much better! Rustoleum Heirloom White, and Satin Black. What a breath of fresh air.

The color is off in this picture. It was actually more of a light brown/mustard-y color. Here it looks almost like taupe/brown. But we took care of it with some of that metallic "hammered-look" spray paint. I don't remember the name of it now.

The texture of the lamp really made the "hammered-look" come out nicely. It looks so much better! Sorry there's no lamp shade. It wasn't done.

A live-and-learn moment here. At Crafterhours I saw them do somthing similar to this with twill tape, and they slipped pictures in-between the flaps, but the ribbon we used was too slick and soft to hold up. But it turned out nicely as a piece of artwork. Basically we just overlaid lots of ribbon strips and sewed down the sides. But it turned out pretty, right? Oh and that little rose candle holder we got for about $1.00 to decorate with. So cute!

These little fames are the gold ones you've probably seen at the dollar store. We painted them black. Then with a little fabric...

Aren't they so cute?! I love how they turned out with the black and white prints!

This is where we ended up putting them, but they might find a new home.
Oh, and we bought that young woman statuette at D.I. for really cheap too. Like somwhere around $2.00. We also spray painted that frame up there. I'm not so sure about the color, but I love how it looks without the back and the glass!

Anyway, there's tons more my Mom and Niece can do around the "stiching" theme to match the bedspread. We were really excited about that. But since I have to return home again, I won't see the final result.

Back to home projects!

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  1. love the frames and the side table..... miss D.I., wish we have one here in TX

  2. Great projects! Those frames are so fun. And the table is cute!

    Thanks so much for linking up to the CSI Project! We really appreciate it. I hope you will come back next week for our Hardware Store challenge!



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